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Option Strategies: A Mentorship Program

Excited to get into a world of Option Trading? In this course, you will learn how to create Option Strategies and adjustments from A to Z.

48 Hours Total Length

Starts immediately

365 Days Access

everything you need to

Become a Successful Option Strategies Trader

Working on Live Strategies

Weekly Sessions With Your Mentor

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Creating Your Option Strategies

Exclusive Guests and Resources

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Sachin Sival

A self-taught trader, Sachin has a passion for volatility trading and stock trading. 

Meet your Mentor

Sachin Sival

Sachin Sival, having experience of 9+ years in derivative trading. Sachin has in-depth knowledge of the capital market and structuring with a Remarkable ability to analyze statistical and analytical data. He has analyzed all test hedging strategies for derivative markets.

Sachin Sival is the sole author of the Replete Equities blog. He is continuously publishing articles on his blog. His weekly newsletter has 20k+ subscribers.

Sachin Sival is a low-risk trader. He is generating his monthly cheque consistently with limited risk range-bound option hedging strategies.

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Why Bold Academy?

Frequently Asked Questions

When we are trading in this share market, our capital protection is more important than anything else. If you are not making money, that’s completely OK, but you should not lose your capital. Your trading capital is like your cycle wheels, and without your wheels, your cycle can’t go anywhere.

Risk management helps to take some safe bets, and it will help paddle your cycle every day.

I always advise risk management, especially in your initial days. It would help if you focused on how not to lose big instead of how to make it big. Try to earn 1% consistently first, and then only you can approach 10%. That’s the reason I always advocate for option hedging strategies if you don’t have that much knowledge and experience in the share market.

These option hedging strategies are not only helping to generate some decent (4% – 5%) return but helping to manage your risk too. These strategies are straightforward to learn and implement. Even a non-technical office-going guy can learn and implement these strategies.

Yes, you can join anytime. It’s an online pre-recorded course. We already posted all the lessons on portal. For queries and discussion we have a telegram group where all new and old students are discussing different option strategies.

You will get lifetime access to our telegram group, where I’m available to solve all your queries related to strategies and their adjustments in live market.

It’s a pre-recorded online course. Once you enroll you will get instant access to our learning portal (web portal) for 365 days.

But We suggest you should complete the theory within 1 month so that you would have enough time to practice these strategies in Live Market.

Previously capital required is 2-2.5 lakh for a four legs strategy. But due to new margin guidelines by SEBI, 1-1.5 lakh is enough to initiate a four leg strategy.

That’s the beauty of these strategies. You just need an hour or two to analyse and prepare your trading plan for the coming day. That too even after market close.

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